Be careful who you do business with

Shady Practices at Andante Bandogs


I was notified that this kennel stole my  writings and a few of our breed requirements for our program and tried  to present the material as if it was their own work and idea. Links to  the stolen materials were sent to me via email. Here is SOME of MY  INFORMATION that they stole from our program that they tried to present  on their website as if it was their own material.

The information was stolen straight from our "About Chimera Kennels" on our old webpage, and was plagiarized WITHOUT our permission. They copied it  directly, removed and replaced the Chimera Kennels references (but  mistakenly didn't remove the hidden Chimera Kennels links) with their  Andante Bandog kennel name, and replaced the word "dogs" with "bandogs."  They had also stolen my write up about the Swinford Bandog program and  put it on their website. I confronted them on the matter and  they initially deny it and tried to suggest that my work was their  own...that is until I sent them screen shots that revealed links to my  own page that were hidden in the html codes. Upon sending  them screen shots of the "view source" page to revealed the hidden  Chimera Kennels hyperlinks within the text on their own website, only  then did they admit it was my work and immediately took all the  plagiarized information down. I saved a copy their old website where  others can view it as it was on their website, since they initially  tried to publically deny it. I would be very careful about trusting  Andante Bandogs. Thieves and liars cannot to be trusted. Who knows if  the dogs a person gets will be bred the way it is claimed to have been  bred? Very suspect practice in my opinion.

The  "icing on the cake" about this is they even copied our goal by use of  the phrase "to produce the finest family companion guardian K9 in  existence today for civilian use"...trying to suggest this as if it was  their own goal.  Apparently their real goal is to steal the work of  others (but not get caught in the process).

As a  person that believes in protecting what is his property, I am not going  to sit idle and let someone steal my work and try to falsely present it  as if it is their own because I believe in both referencing those that  come before us, as well as  holding dishonest thieves accountable for their unethical practices.


Image of Plagiarized Content


Proof of Plagiarized Content