Hog Catch Dogs

American Sentinel Catch Dogs

True to the ancestry of bandogs, the American Sentinel is a very effective hog catch dog. They have the reliable determination of a game dog, the power and durability of a large dog, and the endurance and heat tolerance required to give them sufficient stamina.

Downfalls of other catch dogs

American Bulldog (AB), Jag Terriers, Dogo, and the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) are all successfully used as catch dogs; however, each of these breeds seems to lack in some area. ABs lack endurance and have poor heat tolerance. Jag Terriers lack power to control a hog and also lack durability from injury. Dogos lack determination when they encounter a rough boar. The APBT is likely the best catch dog out there, but most APBTs lack the power required to control a rough hog. 

Balancing the desired attributes

The American Sentinel brings a great balance of all these needed traits so you can spend your time in the woods catching  wild hogs instead of looking for catch dogs that won't let you down.