Built2Last K9 Equipment

2-Ply Agitation Collar...$29

Agitation Collar 2-ply

This is our standard Built2Last Agitation Collar, but don't be fooled...as it still comes with a standard heavy duty 2-prong  carbon steel welded buckle, D-Ring, and retainer. It  is strong enough for any dog.

3-Ply Agitation Collar...$39

Agitation collar 3-ply

In our 3-ply collar, the nylon belt is looped in such a manner that the stitching is not under load when in use. The buckle itself retains the strap positioning when in use. The stitching just keeps everything together when it is not under load.

2-Ply Agitation Leash...$29

agitation leash

This 2-Ply leash is designed for agitation work, and is strong enough to restrain any dog. Do not leave a dog on it unattended however, as a dog can chew through it. Available in 2, 4, or 6 feet length.

Singly-Ply light leash for young dogs...$19.

Clip-less tug lines w/ looped ends...$10.

Add a handle to any collar...$15

collar with handle

Our built-in handle is beneficial when training or walking your dog. We do not recommended handles on collars that will stay on the dog for regular 24-7 since other dogs may chew on it. 

Double-D rings...$5

heavy duty collar

For those extremely active dogs that are secured on a chain, we can add an extra D-ring to any of our collars to minimize D-ring wear; however, this should ONLY be used with very large clips that won't bind on this wider connection. When using a leash, only clip to one of the D-rings so you don't stress the retainer on your clip.

3-Ply Agitation backtie...$49

agitation backtie line

This 3-ply agitation backtie is 6 feet long, has a heavy dog clip at one end, and a Black Diamond locking carabiner to prevent accidental removal during active agitation sessions that is made from a high strength alloy and rated at 7 kN (over 1500#) .

VIDEO: How to measure a collar

Different manufacturers measure collars differently. Because our collars are custom made, we don't measure to the last hole. We measure to the center hole, custom fit to your dog. This allows the collar to adjust plus or minus 2" as your dog gains or loses weight. Please watch this video before ordering.  Thank you.

American Sentinel K9 T-Shirts: $25

Full Front View

American Sentinel K9 T-Shirt

The "moisture management" material is great when physically active, such as when working dogs. All of our T-shirts are available in small, medium, large, XL, 2XL.

Close up of front logo

American Sentinel K9 T-Shirt

Pictured is ASC's Tate during an attentive "sit." 

Back View - "Bandog" Option

Bandog T-Shirt

"Bandogs bred to catch man or beast"

Family Companion Guardian Option

Bandog T-Shirt

"The Family Companion Guardian"

Built2Last Leathers K9 Equipment - (currently unavailable)

Limited Production


"Built2Last" leather products are discontinued for the time being,
but will be offered again when our schedule allows for us
to produce more of these items. Custom made to order.

Custom Made to Order


Leathers are made from vegetable tanned harness leather.

Collars are 2" wide, triple ply, & are made from soft latigo leather.

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Always inspect your equipment and train safe. Thank you for your order.

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