Services by American Sentinel K9, LLC

American Sentinel Bandog with children

Producing Family Companion Guardians

American Sentinels are family companion guardians, sentry dogs, protection dogs, or hog catch dogs. While patrol work and sport work are not our objectives, our dogs certainly have the necessary drives and physical attributes required for such venues. We are often contacted by people looking for "therapy dogs" to visit nursing homes and hospitals with veterans, the elderly, or children. If this is what you seek, we recommend a different breed. For therapy work, choose a breed that is highly social and less driven. Our dogs are very friendly with the family and close friends, but are not bred to tolerate potentially unstable strangers grabbing them and leaning over them as they "love on them." Our dogs are bred to be loyal to their family.

American Sentinel bandog training with H. Lee Robinson and Ivan Balabanov

Training - obedience & protection work

Given our busy schedule, we are only able to offer obedience training on a limited basis. Contact us for availability during the summer months. Additionally, we generally only do protection work with our American Sentinels, but occasionally we are able to make some exceptions, depending upon our schedule.

Obedience training includes sit, down, heal, stay, & come.

Level 1 - Basic on leash obedience  - $1000

Level 2 - Off leash obedience (following our Level 1 plan) - $500

Level 3 - Off leash OB during distraction (following level 2) - $500

Some of the kennels at American Sentinel K9, LLC

Boarding $20 per day (contact for availability)

Beginning in July of 2018, our new kennels should be completed. Once they are completed, we will be able to offer out door boarding for dogs current on their vaccinations. Our kennels were designed for our dogs, and as a result they are heavy duty and very secure. Each kennel has two latches, a full roof, and is 6'8" wide x 20'4" long, giving the dogs plenty of room for exercise. We specialize in working dogs that do not have difficulty outdoors and that can take Mississippi weather. If you have a short muzzled, non-working dog, we recommend that you seek indoor facility with air conditioning.