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Welcome to American Sentinel K9, LLC, home of the oldest and most proven bandog (bandogge) program in existence. The concept of the American Sentinel as a breed began in the early 1990's, which led to our research on selective breeding and working dogs. By using performance testing, health testing, and our knowledge of genetics we produced a consistent population (breed) of dogs with the superior attributes needed to excel as both a family companion guardian as well as a formidable hog catch dog, both of which are generally defined as duties attributed to true bandogs.

Understanding the concept of gene flow (the movement of genes from one population to another) provided us with the knowledge to produce our foundation dogs from carefully selected high performance working dogs. From there, the course of genetic drift (altering the frequency of genes within a population) was simply guided by objectively testing and selective breeding for many generations to refine the American Sentinel as a breed. The three primary difference between the American Sentinel and other "bandogs" include...


1. All our dogs are performance tested,

2. All our dogs are health screened, &

3. After decades of breeding, we have developed a true family (breed) of dogs.

What is a Bandog? (Correcting the myths)

bandog protection work american sentinel

  Just as the German Shepherd is one of many types of guard dogs, the American Sentinel is one of many types of bandogs. The resurrection of the ancient term "bandogge" has led to a number of undedicated "breeders" being drawn to the concept of bandogs. Unfortunately, undedicated breeders are unwilling to do the work required to produce and maintain true bandogs (guard dogs and catch dogs). Such fraudulent breeders wrongfully seek to validate their "breeding program" by misleading others in attempt to convince them that "bandog" refers to a certain type of "cross bred dog." Ironically, what happens next and what should be an immediate red flag is often over-looked, which is immediately following their attempted deception, such breeders point to the true meaning of the term of bandog as a dog suitable for working as a guard dog or catch dog. 

American Sentinel Bandog hog catch dog

Why would undedicated breeders promote such untruths despite the available historical references that illustrate the truth on the subject? The logical explanation is they seek to profit with minimal work, which requires them to convince people their dogs are suitable for such work even though their dogs have never been tested to perform such tasks. Correcting this myth is a constant battle. Buyer beware.

Please take the time to properly study the true History of Bandogges. Upon objectively doing so, you will learn the term "bandogge" dates back nearly a thousand years. Translated to modern English, the prefix comes from "bande" which means to bind (held together). This adjective describes the concept of bandogges as restrained canines worked as sentry dogs, protection dogs, or as catch dogs

American Sentinel Bandog puppies

 Long before breeds existed, the first domesticated dogs earned their keep by serving and helping people secure food and/or protect their territory. Dogs earned the legendary title of "bandogge" only after they displayed exceptional physical abilities and relentless mental determination to apprehend, control, and subdue their opponent. The practice of tethering of such dogs is basis, justification, and origin of the term bandog.

When used correctly, the term "bandog" does not define a breed or cross, but instead defines an individual dog with unique combative skills against man and/or dangerous game when released from their restraint. 

Why choose American Sentinel K9, LLC


Why choose an American Sentinel from American Sentinel K9, LLC?

To produce healthy, practical, and functional protection dogs, we at American Sentinel K9, LLC strive to maintain the highest standards in the working bandog (bandogge) industry, and with a little research you too will discover we are unsurpassed in this regard. By "practical and functional," the American Sentinel must...

  1. display mental stability by being safe with their family unit, even in stressful situations;
  2. display the determination, size, athleticism, & power needed to stop an intruder; &
  3. be mobile, clean, & agile enough for regular transport.

American Sentinel K9, LLC is licensed by the State of Mississippi and has the highest standards in the Bandog industry. H. Lee Robinson, M.S. is the owner and training director at American Sentinel K9, LLC. Before working to improve the quality of working dogs available, Lee pursued accurate information on the various  philosophies, theories, and practices as they pertained to animal  behavior, anatomy & physiology, husbandry, genetics, and reproduction. Lee's research and personal interests with working animals led him to study bandogs in the early 1990's while obtaining a Bachelor's Degree (1993) and a Master's Degree (1997) in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois.

While pursuing his education, Lee also gained experience in animal behavior, training, and reproduction by working with professionals in the animal industry, including various canine trainers as well as the Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden's, and became certified in Artificial Insemination. Every dog bred at American Sentinel K9, LLC is performance tested and hip x-ray tested, and we offer one of the best health guarantees in the bandog industry. In addition to the above, Lee has produced and trained hundreds of working bandogs. For these reasons, American Sentinel K9, LLC is able to offer a level of education, experience, and service that other bandog breeders cannot match

To ensure every generation of American Sentinels is performance tested, the American Sentinel Canine Registry (ASCR-side 1 & Side 2) requires all breeding stock to display the traits required by bandogs before their offspring may be registered. Criminals and wild hogs both have a devastating impact on the lives of honest hard working people, which is why the ASCR remains true to the bandog's history and requires protection training demonstrations or documented legal catch dog hunts as validation of working potential.  American Sentinels must display exceptional athleticism, drive, heat tolerance, stamina, determination, and combative abilities. 


Protection Bandogs - Our primary goal

Like any dog, owning a sentry dog, guard dog, or protection dog requires responsibility and is not the best option for people that are irresponsible or that do not like animals. That said, there is a reason dogs are the oldest domesticated species on the planet. Simply put, they  can be a great asset. Dogs provide not just companionship, they also  watch, alarm, protect, hunt, and excel at scent detection.

Without getting into crime statistics, most of us already know that criminal activity occurs far too often, and in a struggling economy crime is a legitimate concern. Here at American Sentinel K9, LLC, we find great pleasure in helping honest law abiding citizens do what they can to maintain their safety and security by providing them with an additional layer of protection for their property, lives, and most loved possessions...their family and children.

Even in today's technological world, crime prevention statistics report that a large confident dog is still one of the best layers of home and personal protection that one can have. A home alarm is great, and we recommend them, but they typically do not actually stop people from coming into your home. Instead, they only notify you that someone is already in your home. It is obviously better to stop criminals from ever getting inside in the first place.

While firearms can also be a valuable asset, they cannot come to you when you need them nor can they wake you up when you are sleeping. Additionally, criminals are generally cowardice individuals that look for easy targets. When a criminal sees a big dog clearly telling them to go somewhere else, criminals tend to quickly honor that request.

In summary, a quality protection dog not only reduces the chance a  criminal will come in, but should a criminal come in the dog will let you know when that happens and can come to your aid when needed...that is if one has the right dog for the job.

Use caution when choosing your dog.

Click HERE to see "protection" dogs that FAIL.

American Sentinel Bandog hog hunt

Hog Catch Bandogs - Our Secondary Goal

Catching dangerous game has remained a large portion of the Bandog's history, yet few bandog programs test their dogs in this venue. For these  reasons, we welcome hunters of wild boar to try our dogs as catch dogs in legal hunting applications.

Our "Catch Dog Program" exists for people that can provide proof of their catch dogs being used in legal hunting situations, and allows qualified hog hunters access to quality catch dogs at a discounted price in order to further prove the American Sentinel as the premier bandog program in existence. Before you contact us about this program, there are a few things you should know ahead of time.

  1. Our dogs are first screened for our companion guardian/protection dog program.
  2. The remaining dogs are then screened for our Catch Dog Program (CDP) by evaluating their prey drive, determination, grip, and athleticism. Dogs found to be lacking the necessary traits for catch work are NOT placed into the CDP.
  3. Dogs in our Catch Dog Program are guaranteed to be genetically healthy and capable catch dogs.
  4. To make sure only healthy working dogs are bred, our working dog guarantee becomes void once a dog has been bred.
  5. Discounts for our Catch Dog Program are available for the applicants that submit videos of prior hunts with hogs being legally caught with catch dogs.
  6. ASCR registration of the dogs in the Catch Dog Program is provided after we receive proof the dogs are successfully catching hogs.
  7. To maintain the required traits of the American Sentinel, each generation of offspring must pass performance evaluations before the next generation of offspring can be registered. You may register American Sentinel puppies with the ASCR only if the offspring were produced from two proven American Sentinels that earned ASCR registration.

What To Look For In A Bandog

American Sentinel Bandog family kids

Before buying what you believe is a functional bandog, we recommend that you do a bit of research to make sure you do not purchase a poorly bred dog by one of the many fake, yet supposed, "bandog programs" that are unfortunately far too common today. "Bandogs" have become somewhat of a fad in some circles and are often misrepresented, and unfortunately many pretenders have popped up. These individuals some times believe their own nonsense, but more often than not they are knowingly misrepresenting themselves and will lie to sell an unqualified dog to a potential client. That said, do not worry. These fake individuals are easily and quickly recognized for what they really  are. A little research now can save you many headaches later. All  you need to do is ask for a performance demo of their breeding stock. We understand many of the people interested in protection dogs, sentry dogs, and/or guard dogs are new to the subject and do not really know what to look for, so below we are providing a few tips:

  • First, if they do not work their dogs, they do not really have bandogs. Do not expect to get a working bandog from untested stock. Like horses, champions are produced from performance tested breeding stock.
  • Second, if they claim to work their dogs but refuse to provide evidence of such, they are a fake. No professional refuses to provide evidence of their work, and it disgusts us to hear of supposed "bandog" breeders or supposed "protection dogs trainers" say they do not share videos of their dogs doing protection work but then expect you to fork over your hard earned money because you should "trust them." Do not believe hype. Demand proof.
  • Third, playing tug-a-war with a rope or showing a dog barely gripping the end of a bite sleeve with only half its mouth does not constitute K9 protection work, yet inexperienced bandog breeders often display such advertisements because they do not have a clue about K9 protection training or breeding. Quality protection dogs should not lack commitment. Grips should be full, and a quality protection dog will direct intensity towards the bad guy, and not just the equipment. Quality bandogs are capable of sentry work, protection work, or hunting and catching dangerous game, which earned the bandogge legendary status as a gladiator. Today's bandogs should not just be mere shadows of the bandogges  described throughout history. Instead, they should remain healthy, capable dogs that may live and work for 10-15 years. Review our dogs demonstrating some basic protection work here.
  • Fourth, protection dogs need to be physically sound in order to be functional. Physical traits should not be grossly exaggerated. Movement should display agility and authority. Avoid "protection dogs" with short muzzles. No quality protection dog  has a short muzzle. Short muzzles lack the gripping area required to obtain and maintain a secure grip and are inefficient with heat dissipation. Avoid breeders that advertise measurements of a dog's head or excessively focus on the dog's weight. Neither means anything when it comes to your family's safety. The most capable protection dogs and gladiator hunting dogs always come from tested stock, and are typically in the 80-110 range (males 90-110# & females 80-100#). I personally avoid protection dogs or hunting catch dogs that are less than 70#, but even a quality 70# dog is more than capable. Dogs over 110-120# range that work really well are an exception, and they seldom reproduce themselves. Agility, efficiency, endurance, and heat tolerance tend to suffer when one goes very large.  Over-weight dogs and under-weight dogs are simply a product of owner negligence. To verify the physical capabilities of our dogs, notice that many of our dogs have caught too many wild boar to count, some of which have been over 300+ pound (catching dangerous wild game). Wild boar are armed with tusks, and fight much harder than most men ever will. I assure you, a quality and well put together 100# protection dog delivers more than enough power to handle an intruder.
  • Fifth, protection dogs must have a strong desire to please their family unit and should display strong bonding characteristics; which improves their sense of loyalty and responsibility. Protection dogs should be mentally stable even during stressful situations. Dogs with a high degree of dominance are often preferred by law enforcement or military since such dogs are typically easy to train, but rank driven dogs do not make good candidates around children. Our dogs are bred to be family companion K9 guardians. Our dogs display high prey drive and fight drive with a sufficient amount of defense drive; but tend to be lower in rank drive than the dogs typically used by the police and military. One should always practice good judgement, but simply put, the American Sentinel is typically more tolerant of children than are dogs high in rank drive because American Sentinels are less interested in dominating or challenging their family unit. Review our article on animal behavior for more information about the mind of the working dog.

If we can help you, it will be our pleasure to do so. These K9 companion guardians are suitable for active lifestyles and family settings. It has taken years of research, education, and experience to produce the breed we consider to be the ultimate family K9 companion guardian. We believe our dogs are some of the finest canines in existence when it comes to being a family companion guardian. Our dogs are registered with us under the American Sentinel Canine Registry (ASCR).

Thanks for reading.


American Sentinel K9, LLC

We look forward to helping you.


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General boarding & boarding with obedience training will be available to the public beginning in June of 2020. Our very heavy duty kennels, which are 6'8" wide and 20'4" long are the largest in the industry, of which 15 feet in each kennel run are shaded, and 5'4" in each run are under sun (although still secured with a fence style roofing. Each kennel is secured with two latches, which opens to the center isle. The isle has a secondary gate at each end for extra security.

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