Our Foundation Stock

The Development of the American Sentinel Bandog

The American Sentinel concept began in the early 1990's, although the actual breeding project did not begin until 2000. With the goal of the American Sentinel being to produce a breed (a line/strain) of dogs that excel in applications suitable for working bandogs, dogs that excel at protection work or catching dangerous wild game, performance selection became the means of selecting our foundation and breeding stock. 

The American Sentinel program was developed by the process of using performance selection to identify individuals that excel at desired tasks, and then maintaining this process in order to produce a consistent line of working dogs with a concentration of the desired traits required for such tasks. It is NOT a product of simply cross breeding dogs. As a result, listing which breeds we used to create the American Sentinel would be misleading since people would base their beliefs off their general views of such breeds to create prejudice views of our dogs. For these reasons, I prefer not to list the breeds used to create our foundation dogs. Instead, I will display photos and video of our foundation dogs so you too can see many of their traits. This is the best way to understand our program.

Once a person understands biology and genetics, they realize a breed is defined by a population with certain alleles and traits. I am not hiding a "secrete recipe," for there is none. The truth is, the American Sentinel is not based upon "foundation breeds," but is instead based on the process of using performance selection towards our breeding goals. To further reiterate this, simply acknowledge that different breeders could start off with the same family of purebred dogs and end up producing very different dogs depending upon their knowledge of genetics and what selection criteria they use.
H. Lee Robinson obtained two degrees in Animal Sciences (a B.S. & a M.S.) to learn about genetics and behavior, worked with some of the top  trainers in the world, researched the work of some of the world's most  notable breeders, selected some of the finest foundation stock available, trained and evaluated many generations of dogs, and created a well respected international breeding program. After investing an extensive amount of time, education, training, work, and money (over $250,000 over the years) into the development of the American Sentinel.   A quick lesson here is...

  • Conformation may suggest sound structure, but does not confirm it.
  • A pedigree suggests what a dog is suppose to be, but does not confirm it.
  • Performance testing truly tells a breeder/owner what a dog really is.

The true foundation of our dogs is performance selection!


ASC's Preacher-Man

A strong foundation


Health & Longevity


On February 6th of 2017, ASC's Preacher-Man passed away, but lived a healthy active life all the way to the end. He was just few weeks shy of being 12 years old. when he finally passed.

Mental Stability


Throughout his life, Preacher remained a stable, loyal, healthy, and confident dog that displayed naturally protective instincts. Despite his protective nature, he remained playful and mellow with the family. We loved this dog, and he clearly loved us as well. 

Working ability


His training only capitalized on his natural instincts. Preacher was a highly driven, powerful guardian and was  both structurally and mentally sound. He had a never give up attitude. 

Videos of Preacher in Action


Long live the Preacher


He lives on through many generation of his progeny, & the best is yet to come...

Those who met ASC's Preacher-Man would agree that he was one of the finest bandogs in existence when it comes to being a family companion guardian. I would not have traded this dog for any of the legends in history, as this dog proved excellent in every regard. We were blessed to produce him and own him. He passed away two weeks before his 12th birthday, and is pictured on the right being worked by Roger Abshire of USK9 and evaluated by Chris Picou (veteran K9 officer and former Chief Deputy on the right).

Even though our breeding program began in 2000, it wasn't until April 28th of 2005 that ASC's Preacher-Man was born. Early on it was clear he was a great prospect, and he remained a great worker his entire life (11 years old HERE).

As a result, he and his excellent close relatives of his became the corner-stone of our current breeding program.

ASC's Bandit


A full sibling to Preacher-Man

ASC's Bandit was a phenomenally tough. She was strong, athletic, confident, relentless, and determined, yet she also displayed great stability with the family and friends. She was tested in protection work.

Some of her outstanding productions

Bandit was only bred a few times, and she produced some excellent offspring. Her most notable son was "ASC's Boss," who developed an excellent reputation in the state of Mississippi for being an unusually capable hog catch dog.

Performance Tested

Bandit was tested and trained by myself and Prentiss Wallace. She was also tested by Johnny Courville, Jim Caraway, Butch Cappel, Roger Abshire and many other well respected protection dog trainers. See some of her videos below.

ASC's Bandit ("Chimera Kennels" was our old name)



Our First Bandog

Leviathan, aka "Levi," was our first bandog, and served as a great foundation and over the years served as an excellent breeding out-cross to several of the lines we created. He was a great athlete, had phenomenal stamina, was a great sentry dog, a great protection dog, a great producer, and also a great companion. He lived in our house and was very close to us.

Some of his outstanding productions

Levi produced a long list of many great dogs, but the most prevalent in our pedigrees today is ASC's Lynn.

Performance Tested

Levi was tested and trained by myself and Prentiss Wallace. He was also tested by Johnny Courville, Jim Caraway, Butch Cappel, and many other well respected protection dog trainers. His traveled with me a lot and was tested under many strange situations and environments. See some of his videos below.

Leviathan rises up from the water