Our American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs)


The statements here pertain to the true American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), and should not be confused with the various types of dogs falsely labelled as "pit bulls."

Quality specimens and bloodlines of the APBT originated from game tested "Bull-and-Terriers" produced during the mid-1800's by cross breeding bull-baiting dogs with game terrier breeds from England and Ireland.  These Bull-and-Terrioer crosses were frequently imported to the United States, where each generation was refined by selective breeding measures. Only the best performers were bred, causing the desired genes to become more prolific within this new populations. After a few decades, this population of game dogs possessed the gene pool required to consistently produce dogs that proved to be superior in combat. These tough dogs displayed sound structure, excellent health, mental stability, exceptional athleticism, skill, a powerful grip, and extreme drive and determination (aka "gameness"). In 1898 the UKC recognized these dogs, as did the ADBA in 1908, as the American Pit Bull Terrier."

Although we still maintain a small population of very high quality APBTs, we do not keep as many APBTs as we did years ago. We selected our preferred bloodlines of APBTs by itemizing our goals. The first requirement for our APBTs was to be true to type by displaying the traits of their ancestors. Next, we reviewed the bloodlines known to produce specimens that were often larger than the breed's average size range since we use our dogs for hog catch work or protection work. The additional size provides better control of the larger opposition our dogs would be expected to subdue. After examining many bloodlines of high quality game bred APBTs, we chose to focus primarily on Sorrells' and Redboy/Jocko. 

The ancestral lineage of our personal APBTs can be traced directly back to 1870, when the first game dogs were imported to the USA. Never-the-less, even the best of bloodlines produce some individuals that should not be bred. For this reason, one must use performance based selection every generation to ensure the selected breeding stock represents the performance traits expected of the bloodline, and this is why we only dealt with gamedogs that came from working camps. The dogs we use not only have to pass intense performance based assessments, they must also pass a hip X-ray screening. Our APBTs typically weigh between 50-70 pounds, which is 10-20# heavier than the average of most lines of game bred APBTs.  (Pictured here is my daughter Courtney with her former dog Little Rascal (view his pedigree here).

Why Sorrells' & Redboy/Jocko?


Sorrells' Bloodline

"Sorrells' Bull," (the foundation to the Sorrells' dogs), and "Indian Bolio" (the foundation to Pat Patrick's dogs) were both founded upon a combination of Zeke/Goldie. Not only do the Sorrells dogs display many of the traits I desire, it should also be noted that many consider Sorrells & Patrick to be two of the best breeders of gamedogs in the modern era. It is for these reasons that I chose to obtained several dogs directly from Bert Sorrells and Madison "Mad" Parker. For those that don't know, Madison was the primary handler and breeder of many legendary Sorrells' dogs, including Ch. Raisin, Ch. Shoshone, Ch. Joe Testament, Ch. Uncle Bud, Ch. Sailor, 2xW Budlite, Ch. Johnny Walker Red, 1xW Crazy Horse, and many others. The dog pictured above, Sorrells' Captain Skip is a dog I personally acquired from Mr. Bert Sorrells in 2004.



Redboy/Jocko/Jeep - Despite the fact that Bert Sorrells and Mr. Patrick were competitors that did not get along, both men personally informed me that Redboy dogs crossed well with their dogs. If one studies the top performers, this fact is easily verified many times over.

One very famous example would be "Gr. Ch. Mayday," who is pictured above. Mayday was produced by putting Redboy/Jocko dogs over the top of a female from Pat Patrick blood (which is nearly identical to the Sorrells' blood foundation). This is just one of the more famous examples that proved this combination not only worked, but also produced dogs that also had the gameness, size, and other traits I desire.

Mr. "Pat" Patrick & his line of dogs


Patrick bred dogs for over 40 years, and his dogs are behind more famous dogs, bloodlines, and breeding programs than any other breeder from the modern era. While several legendary dogmen exist, I believe the only dogman in history that displayed the same level of knowledge that Mr. Patrick displayed in the fields of genetics and breeding would be Maurice Carver. For this reason there is not another dogman in recent history that I respect more.

It is with great pleasure that I can say I have come to know one of the greatest breeders of the APBT in modern times.


Mr. Patrick's ability to recognize good working dogs is excellent, his extensive knowledge and experience of breeding performance animals exceeds any other dogman I have ever spoken to, and his willingness to openly share such knowledge and experiences with those that earn his respect is very generous. 

As a result, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Patrick not only purchased one of our APBTs and several of our American Sentinels, but also stated that our dogs to be the only dogs of any other breed that display the same level of drive and intensity that he was use to seeing in his game bred dogs.


I consider it a great honor that he likes my dogs and our service enough to have been a repeat client and to have also sent me his 2000 ADBA Dogman Hall of Fame plaque as a thank you gift...a gift I will undoubtedly & proudly pass down to my son. 

Parker's Frankie Bomp of ASC (1xW)


Sorrells bloodline -  Click HERE to see Frankie-Bomp's Pedigree.

Frankie-Bomp is an exceptionally well bred and proven game dog. He is a true representation of the Sorrells line (with the Zeke/Godlie foundation) and has many traits we desire, and I am confident he will be a great addition to our line of APBTs.   


Frankie-Bomp's Stats

  • DOB: 06-15-2015
  • Height: 21-22"
  • Weight: 56#
  • Hips: "Excellent"


A True Sorrells' dog

I acquired this dog from Madison "Mad" Parker, who was the primary handler and breeder of many legendary Sorrells' dogs, including Ch. Raisin, Ch. Shoshone, Ch. Joe Testament, Ch. Uncle Bud, Ch. Sailor, 2xW Budlite, Ch. Johnny Walker Red, 1xW Crazy Horse, and many others.

Parker's Suki of ASC


Sorrells' Bloodline - Click HERE to see Suki's Pedigree

Suki is another well bred Sorrells' dog with all of the outs in her pedigree coming only from high performing proven dogs. While the basis of Suki's pedigree is Sorrells, her outs include great dogs from Maurice Carver, Floyd Boudreaux, and Pat Patrick blood, with a small amount of Redboy/Jocko also added to the line. Her pedigree is purely composed of proven stock. 


Suki's Stats

  • DOB: 07-18-18
  • Height: 20"
  • Weight: 48#
  • Hips: Excellent


A heavily bred Sorells' dog

I acquired this dog from Madison "Mad" Parker, who was the primary handler and breeder of many legendary Sorrells' dogs, including Ch. Raisin, Ch. Shoshone, Ch. Joe Testament, Ch. Uncle Bud, Ch. Sailor, 2xW Budlite, Ch. Johnny Walker Red, 1xW Crazy Horse, and many others. 

ASC's Lucky 7


Redboy/Jocko/Jeep - Click HERE to see Lucky 7's Pedigree

ASC's Lucky 7 has excellent prey driven and is a tremendous athlete, and at 71# chain weight he is rather large for a game bred APBT. Upon reviewing his pedigree, you will is composed of many legendary Redboy/Jocko/Jeep bred dogs...including Gr. Ch. Mayday (ROM), Ch. Deadlift (ROM), Tant's Travis 1xW (ROM), Hollingsworth's Dolly (ROM), Long's Weirdo (ROM), Ch. Slim Shady (ROM), Ch. Woodall's Weird Jack (ROM), Gr. Ch. Crenshaw's Black Jack (ROM), Peek's Lucky (ROM), etc, Study this pedigree thoroughly, and you will notice Patrick's blood (with the Zeke/Goldie foundation we desire) also makes up a significant portion of Lucky 7's pedigree.


Lucky 7's Stats

  • DOB: 09-06-2016
  • Height: 24"
  • Weight: 71#
  • Hips: "Excellent"


Produced here at American Sentinel K9, LLC

Lucky 7 was produced by here at American Sentinel K9, LLC. We carefully tested the entire litter by using performance based selection and only kept the best two pups in that litter, which included ASC's Lucky 7 and ASC's Wonder-Girl.

ASC's Komodo


Redboy/Jocko/Jeep - Click HERE to see Komodo's Pedigree

ASC's Komodo is a young female that we have great faith in. We plan on using her to maintain the future of our APBT program. Komodo is already displaying many great attributes required from a quality game dog. Her drives are great, nerves are great, athleticism is great, and her structure is great. She was of the pick of the litter from the breeding between Lucky 7 and his sister Wonder-Girl. As a result, not only is she working out well herself, but with the homozygousity in her genome, we are confident she will also prove to be an excellent producer of working dogs. 


Komodo's Stats

  • DOB: 07-26-18
  • Height: 21"
  • Weight: 50#
  • Hips: Excellent


Produced here at American Sentinel K9, LLC

Komodo is a phenomenal dog, and I like her so much that I she will be play a significant role in the future of our APBT program. I want a particular set of traits in our line of APBTs, and I am concentrating the desired traits of Lucky 7 in Komodo's genome, & will do so even more by breeding her back to Lucky 7.

Frankie x Suki breeding


Heavy Sorrells - (and double bred on Parker's Big Daddy)



I have one male available - $1000



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