Our American Sentinel Bandog Studs

Performance Tested & Health Tested

Before any of our dogs are used in our breeding program, they must pass a series of performance evaluations. We evaluate our dogs by assessing their...

  1. ability to be stable minded with our family, even when under stress,
  2. movement and structural soundness during work and recovery, and
  3. ability to fulfill a healthy functional life.

Form follows function, and not the converse. Those who place structure (form) before ability (function) eventually end up losing the working attributes and health; therefore, we place the above working attributes first. While hip x-rays do not determine ability or even structural soundness, they can be used to identify physical limitations or predict concerns about the longevity of a dog's likelihood of developing physically limiting conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. For this reason, we X-ray the hips on our breeding stock as a secondary measures of culling our breeding stock...for we expect our breeding stock remain capable throughout their entire lives.

Stud availability $1500

Dogs that have proved breed worthy are available for stud for a fee, which must be paid before the stud service is provided. Please note, females must be brucellosis negative.

Our male dogs that are too young or that still have things to prove before being used in our breeding program are marked as "Prospect." 

Studs are listed in ALPHABETICAL order

Clicking on the 1st photo (under the dog's name) will open a link to that dog's YouTube videos.

If you are not on that dog's personal YouTube page, just type the name of that dog in the search icon on the American Sentinel K9 YouTube CHANNEL (not the primary YouTube search bar).

ASC's Justice

Bandog, Justice, American Sentinel K9

ASC's Justice defines what it means to be a family companion guardian.

ASC's Justice is a very high drive dog, great with the family, and is probably our current top producing male stud. Justice sired ASC's Scratch, ASC's Indy, ASC's Onyx, ASC's Maggie, and several others that are proving to be excellent working class dogs.

  • DOB: 02-26-2013 
  • Height: 27" 
  • Weight: 100#
  • Hips: "Good"

Temple's Rebel


Rebel (owned by Keaten Temple)

Temple's Rebel is out of ASC's Preacher-Man and Keaten's girl "Zoey." Rebel has proven himself in protection work, sentry work, and catching wild hogs.

  • DOB:  07-26-2010
  • Height: 25" 
  • Weight: 80#
  • Hips: "Good"

ASC's Reptar

ASC's Reptar, Bandog

ASC's Reptar is physically one of the strongest dogs I own.

ASC's Reptar defines what the American Sentinel program is  about. He has so many good qualities that it is difficult to know where  to begin. He is very stable and affectionate, his confidence is very  high, he has drives that seems endless, and his athleticism is  outstanding. He is such a powerful animal with excellent endurance. He  also has very good heat tolerance, or at least his drives are so strong  that I haven't seen him yield even in hot weather. Additionally, his hip  rating is excellent. Reptar has also demonstrated excellent potential  as both a hog catch dog and as a protection dog. He is one of the finest  dogs I have ever owned.

  • DOB: 01-25-14
  • Height: 27.5"
  • Weight: 116#
  • Hips: "Excellent"

ASC's Scratch


ASC's Scratch is out of ASC's Justice x ASC's Halo, and he defines what our program is about. His prey drive is phenomenal. His nerves are rock solid. His structure is great. His athleticism is exactly what one would hope for. This dog has already displayed the willingness to work at levels so strong that few dogs can compare.  I will be repeating the breeding that produced him, and when I do I will keep the top male and the top two females. This is the type of dog that one could base an entire line  on...the type of dog that someone could spend thousands of dollars trying to find and still not be able to. He will never be for sale.

  • DOB:  10-01-17
  • Height: 25.5"
  • Weight: 80-85#
  • Hips: Good

ASC's Vlad the Impaler

Bandog, American Sentinel K9 Vlad, Protection Dog, Catch Dog

ASC's Vlad is out of ASC's Preacher-Man and Wild Thing...he is a high drive dog, and while he looks very mean in these photos, he is very stable and playful, submissive, and friendly with the family. 

  • DOB:  11-24-15
  • Height: 25"
  • Weight: 85#
  • Hips: "Good"

ASC's Wrecker


ASC's Wrecker is a very well bred dog being out of ASC's  Boss and ASC's Nunovit. Wrecker was born May 7th of 2013 and is tightly  bred. Upon reviewing his pedigree, you will see he was bred to be what  is known as a "seed dog," which means he was bred to produce.  Fortunately for me, he does. He is the sire to our dogs ASC's Reptar,  ASC's Widow, and ASC's Storm...each of which I am very happy with.  Wrecker is also the biggest dog on my personal yard.

  • DOB:  05-07-13
  • Height: 28+"
  • Weight: 130#
  • Hips: "Excellent"