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Download our Purchase Agreement

The American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement should be downloaded, completed, and sent in with your deposit. If you are making a deposit by PayPal or some other type of transfer, please complete this form and submit it by photo or PDF via eMail. Deposits are placed in order of "first placed, first right of refusal;" which means our clients may choose from any position that is listed as available after their deposit arrives.

Justice x Preacher-Girl


The Justice x Preacher-Girl is a full-sibling breeding. The purpose of this breeding is to keep the exceptional gene pool of the Preacher-Man x Blue Jean combination alive and strong for future generations. I am sure this combination will produce very well, and is a breeding that someone should consider if they are looking for a foundation quality breeding dog that will not only work well, but also produce well.  Successfully tied on Nov 21st-24th, click here to view.

Male Justice x Preacher-Girl pups


  • 1st - (Reserved)
  • 2nd - $2500 Available (Luke T. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd - $2000 Available
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

Female Justice x Preacher-Girl pups


  • 1st - $2500 (Reserved)
  • 2nd - $2500 Malachi J-$500 deposit paid
  • 3rd - $2000  Available
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Wrecker x ASC's Halo

We are breeding ASC's Wrecker x ASC's Halo for several reasons. Although we have never bred these two dogs together, both Wrecker and Halo have produced very well in previous breedings. I expect this breeding to produce clean, well built, efficient working dogs that still maintain good size, and very good prey drive. Wrecker is a tightly bred dog, the son of Nunovit, and the grandson of Bandit...and I am seeking to preserve this blood with quality out-cross. Halo  offers the out-cross that I need (both her sire, and the mother of her mother), but still maintains a considerable dose of our Preacher-Man blood (the sire of her mother), which is the same bloodline that produced Wrecker. 

ASC's Wrecker


  • 1st pick male - Reserved
  • 2nd pick male - $2500 (Keith B. 500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick male - $2000  (Antoine Awk 500 deposit)
  • 4th+ pick male - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Halo


  • 1st pick female - Reserved
  • 2nd pick female - $2500 (Brock D. 500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick female - $2000 (available)
  • 4th+ pick female - $1500 (pending availability)


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