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The American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement should be downloaded, completed, and sent in with your deposit. If you are making a deposit by PayPal or some other type of transfer, please complete this form and submit it by photo or PDF via eMail. Deposits are placed in order of "first placed, first right of refusal;" which means our clients may choose from any position that is listed as available after their deposit arrives.

Deposits...Gil M - $500

Justice x Preacher-Girl female - $2000

ASC's Reptar x ASC's Betty Crocker


We repeated the Reptar x Betty Crocker breeding and she is due around 07/20/19. Both parents are super intense, as are the pups from the first breeding of these two. They are also very fit, muscular, and love to work. The offspring from the first breeding display very high prey drive, excellent nerves, and great athleticism, making this breeding a great choice for someone interested in training for competitive K9 sports should that be your goal.  ASC's Phoenix is from the first breeding of these two. Pups should be due around July 14th

Male pups from Reptar x Betty Crocker


  • 1st pick - $4000 (SOLD to Tyrone S., $4000 paid)
  • 2nd pick - $3000 (Robert S - $500 deposit & $500 credit)
  • 3rd pick - $2500  (Walter Kudron - $500 deposit)

Female pups from Reptar x Betty Crocker


  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $3000 (available)
  • 3rd pick - $2500 (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $2000 (Jadi)

ASC's Justice x ASC's Widow


We repeated the Justice x Widow breeding, and she is due around July 20th, 2019. It worked great the first time, and I am sure it will again...which is why I am keeping one this time (gender undecided at this point). Justice's drives are super intense, and his commitment is relentless. He reproduces himself very well. Widow is also an extreme working dog. Offspring from this previous breeding are super solid. I know the blood behind these dogs through and through, and this combination defines the goals of our program. Pups should be due around July 20th.

Male pups from Justice x Widow


Female pups from Justice x Widow


  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $2500 (Destiny P. $1000 Deposit)
  • 3rd pick - $2500  Tyrone S 
  • 4th+ pick - $2000 available
  • 5th pick - $1500 available

ASC's Kovu x ASC's Heavy

Expect very large pups from this Kovu is 145# and Heavy is over 90# herself. Pups should be due around Aug 20, 2019.

Male pups from Kovu x Heavy


  • 1st - $2500 ($500 deposit placed by Bryce M.)
  • 2nd - $2000 ($500 deposit by Michelle L)
  • 3rd -  $1500 (available)
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

Female pups from Kovu x Heavy


  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2000 (available)
  • 3rd - $1500 (available)
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

ASC's Reptar x ASC's Preacher-Girl


Reptar and Preacher-Girl are both very intense dogs capable of doing protection work, hog hunting, or just just being a family companion. They love to work and are very affectionate. Pups should be due around 9/15 to 9/20, of 2019

Male pups from Reptar x Preacher-Girl


  • 1st pick - $2500 (John H - Paid 2500)
  • 2nd pick - $2000 (Lindsey C. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick - $1500  (Heidi P. & Gerrod G. $1500 Paid)
  • 4th+ pick - $1000 (pending availability)

Female pups from Reptar x Preacher-Girl


  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $2000 (available)
  • 3rd pick - $1500 (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $1000 (pending availability)

ASC's Scratch x ASC's Valkyrie


All I a can say This grand-son (ASC's Scratch) x Grandmother (ASC's Valkyrie) breeding is going to help ensure the future of American Sentinel K9, LLC.  Valkyrie is out of Preacher-Man and Blue Jean. Scratch is out of Justice x Halo, and Halo is Valkyrie's daughter. Drive, confidence, and working temperament is all going to be over-the-top with this combination, and I am sure the offspring will be suitable for any type of work that requires a canine gladiator, such as hog hunting or protection work. One warning: while offspring from this breeding are surely going to still be good with their family, is likely to produce offspring that are high strung, and that display extreme animal aggression that is very comfortable in combat and will require an experienced handler. In the right hands, the sky is the limit, but in the wrong hands, offspring could become more than you bargained for. They will be active.

ASC's Scratch


  • 1st pick male - Reserved by Keaten
  • 2nd pick male - $4000 (Antoine A. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick male - $3000 (available)
  • 4th+ pick male - $2500 (pending availability)

ASC's Valkyrie


  • 1st pick female - Reserved by me
  • 2nd pick female - Reserved by Keaten
  • 3rd pick female - $3000 (available)
  • 4th+ pick female- $2500 (pending availability)


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