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The American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement should be downloaded, completed, and sent in with your deposit. If you are making a deposit by PayPal or some other type of transfer, please download , print, & complete the Purchase Agreement below and submit it as a PDF photo via eMail or with your PayPal payment. Deposits are placed in order of "first placed, first right of refusal;" which means our clients may choose from any position that is listed as available after their deposit arrives.

Please note our policy on International Shipments on our  "Before Purchasing from us" page.


Michelle L - $500 deposit

Robert Shrage (deposit $500) 

John H. (Paid $2500)

Pups currently available reduced $1000

This discount ONLY applies to puppies CURRENTLY available

All currently remaining puppies that have not yet been sold will be $1000 until this Corona Virus (Corid-19) chaos passes. This discount does not apply to  puppies that are already sold, nor does it apply to breedings that have  not yet dropped or future breedings. It should also be noted that  shipping is an additional expense. 

The  reason for the discount is because many governments have already locked  down various borders. I had a couple of dogs that were supposed to  leave the country and now they can’t. I have to keep those dogs for additional  30 days. This leads me to wonder if we’ll  get to a point where interstate commerce between states is limited to  “essential” goods, while “nonessentials” goods (such as dogs) become  restricted. 

While I honestly don’t see it getting that bad, with several  puppies that are available right now, if we can help him find a good  home now by reducing the price, we will.

Frankie x Suki (APBT breeding)


Heavy Sorrells - (and double bred on Parker's Big Daddy)



I have one male available - $1000



Females are Sold Out

Temple's Rebel x ASC's Freya

Born Feb. 9, 2020 - Rebel and Freya are both dual purpose dogs that perform protection work and hog hunting. These pups are some of our smaller dogs, with an expected adult weight around 70-90#. They both display exceptional athleticism, endurance, and heat tolerance.


Temple's Rebel

  • 1st pick male - Reserved
  • 2nd pick male - Reserved
  • 3rd pick male - Reduced $1000
  • 4th pick male - Reduced $1000
  • 5thpick male - Reduced $1000
  • 6th pick male - Reduced $1000


ASC's Freya (owned by Keaten)

  • 1st pick female - Sold Davon W. - $1000 (Paid)
  • 2nd pick female - Reduced $1000

Below, the 6 males are pictured first, 

and the two females are pictured last.

ASC's Reptar x Temple's Grendel


Due April 26th, 2020 - Another excellent combination...Heavily bred on ASC's Preacher-Man


ASC's Reptar

  • 1st pick male - Reserved
  • 2nd pick male - Available $2500
  • 3rd pick male - Available $2000
  • 4th pick male - Available $1500


Temple's Grendel

  • 1st pick female - Reserved
  • 2nd pick female - Available $2500
  • 3rd pick female - Available $2000
  • 4th pick female - Available $1500

Parker's Frankie-Bomp x Midgard's Pele


Bred on 3/15/2020 - Although our program is well established, has been around since 2000, and is many generations deep, we are doing this F1 breeding. A few will be kept for evaluation purposes, and the rest sold. I expect really good things from this breeding, as I am already familiar with this blood. Study our program and you will notice the roots of our program is heavily based on the Sorrells' blood, which is also the primary blood in Frankie-Bomp. (NOTE: Parker was the handler for the vast majority of Bert Sorrells' dogs). Frankie was bred to Midgard's Pele, who is a daughter of a working Neapolitan named Achilles (that we used) bred to a Midgard Mastiff (a full-sibling of Osirus). Frankie is a proven working dog and has excellent hips. eMail me for more info.

NOTE ON PICKS from this breeding

As of now, I am reserving both 1st and 2nd pick males & females; however, as these pups age, I will then sell make my final picks and sell two more pups from this breeding. The price on these reserved two may be higher than the 3rd+ picks.


Parker's Frankie-Bomp

  • 1st & 2nd pick males - Reserved
  • 3rd+ pick males - Available $1500


Midgard's Pele

  • 1st & 2nd pick females - Reserved
  • 3rd+ pick females - Available $1500

Frankie-Bomp x ASC's Rogue

Intense performance is about the best way to describe this breeding.



  • 1st pick male - Reserved
  • 2nd pick male - Available 2500
  • 3rd pick male - Available $2000
  • 4th+ pick male - Pending $1500


ASC's Rogue

  • 1st pick female - Reserved
  • 2nd pick female - Available $2500
  • 3rd pick female - Available $2000
  • 4th+ pick female - Pending $1500

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