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The American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement should be downloaded, completed, and sent in with your deposit. If you are making a deposit by PayPal or some other type of transfer, please complete this form and submit it by photo or PDF via eMail. Deposits are placed in order of "first placed, first right of refusal;" which means our clients may choose from any position that is listed as available after their deposit arrives.

Justice x Betty Crocker (Aug of 2018)

The Justice x Betty Crocker breeding is taking place Aug of 2018. Justice is a very high drive dog as is Betty Crocker. This is an uncle-niece breeding, and I am sure this combination will produce very well.  

Male Justicex Betty Crocker pups

  • Available - $2500 (Thomas S. $1100 down)

Female Justice x Betty Crocker pups

  • 1st - $2500 (Reserved)
  • 2nd - $2000 ($500 deposit Jarret P.)

Temple's Rebel x Temple's Grendel

Born 10-27-18

This litter is double bred on Temple's Rebel, and tripled up on ASC's Preacher-Man. While Keaten is keeping both males in this litter; all the females are available for sale.  Keaten did this breeding to get a double bred Rebel stud since Rebel is about 8 years old now, and has proven to be an exceptional dog all around, excelling at both protection work and hog catch work. Grendel is outstanding at catch work herself, and is a rather masculine female. Expect males to be in the 80-90# range, and females to be in the 70-80# range. With great drives and nerves throughout this pedigree, expect the offspring from this combination to be suitable for any type of work.

*GROWING FAMILY DISCOUNT* - (GREAT NEWS!!!) - When dogs are sold through our website, a portion of those proceeds normally goes to American Sentinel K9, LLC; however, I just found out Keaten and his lovely wife are expecting their first child. As a result, we are waiving our listing fee, reducing the above listed price by $250 per pup, and giving all the proceeds to Keaten and his newly expanding family. As a result, the pups from this proven bloodline are the best deal on our website. "Discount price" is listed below in parenthesis.

Rebel x Grendel MALES

(All males currently Reserved)

Rebel x Grendel FEMALES

  • 1st - $1500 available ($1250)
  • 2nd - $1250 available ($1000)
  • 3rd - $1100 available ($850)
  • 4th - $1000 available ($750)
  • 5th - $1000 available ($750)

*Growing Family Discount details above*

Justice x Preacher-Girl

The Justice x Preacher-Girl is a full-sibling breeding. The purpose of this breeding is to keep the exceptional gene pool of the Preacher-Man x Blue Jean combination alive and strong for future generations. I am sure this combination will produce very well, and is a breeding that someone should consider if they are looking for a foundation quality breeding dog that will not only work well, but also produce well.  Successfully tied on Nov 21st-24th, click here to view.

Male Justice x Preacher-Girl pups

  • 1st - (Reserved)
  • 2nd - $2500 Available (Luke T. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd - $2000 Available
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

Female Justice x Preacher-Girl pups

  • 1st - $2500 (Reserved)
  • 2nd - $2500 Available
  • 3rd - $2000  Available
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Wrecker x ASC's Valkyrie

Given Valkyrie is Tiggie's bigger sister, this breeding should produce dogs VERY SIMILAR to the Wrecker x Tiggie breeding, which produced Reptar and Widow. If you like Reptar and Widow, this is a great breeding to consider.

Expect large, high drive dogs.

ASC's Wrecker

  • 1st pick male - Reserved
  • 2nd pick male - $2500 (Keith B. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick male - $2250 (available)
  • 4th+ pick male - $2000 (pending availability)

ASC's Valkyrie

  • 1st pick female - Reserved
  • 2nd pick female - Reserved
  • 3rd pick female - $2500 (available)
  • 4th+ pick female- $2000 (pending availability)

ASC's Scratch x ASC's Rogue

ASC's Scratch is a young male that is extremely promising, perhaps my most capable all-purpose dog to date. We are breeding him to ASC's Rogue is not only our biggest female, but is also line bred on the Sorrells' foundation. As a result, we expect very high drive and mental determination from this combination.  Scratch is only around 80#, while Rogue is slightly over 110#. Expect male offspring to be in the 90-100# range, and females to be around 75-90#. 

ASC's Scratch

  • 1st pick male - Reserved
  • 2nd pick male - $2500 (available)
  • 3rd pick male - $2000  (available)
  • 4th+ pick male - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Rogue

  • 1st pick female - Reserved
  • 2nd pick female - Reserved
  • 3rd pick female - $2500 (available)
  • 4th+ pick female - $2000 (pending availability)

ASC's Justice x ASC's Widow

We are repeating the Justice x Widow breeding. It worked great the first time, and I am sure it will again...which is why I am keeping one this time (gender undecided at this point). Justice's drives are super intense, and his commitment is relentless. He reproduces himself very well. Widow is also an extreme working dog. Offspring from this previous breeding are super solid. I expect Widow to be in heat around December of 2018. I know the blood behind these dogs through and through, and this combination defines the goals of our program. 

Male pups from Justice x Widow

  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $2500 (Gil M. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick - $2250  (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $2000 (pending availability)

Female pups from Justice x Widow

  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $2500 (Luke T. 500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick - $2000 (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Kovu x ASC's Heavy

Expect very large pups from this Kovu is 145# and Heavy is over 90# herself. 

Male pups from Kovu x Heavy

  • 1st - $2500 ($500 deposit placed by Bryce M.)
  • 2nd - $2000 ($500 deposit by Michelle L)
  • 3rd -  $1500 ($1500 paid by Jerrod & Heidi) 
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

Female pups from Kovu x Heavy

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2000
  • 3rd - $1500
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

ASC's Scratch x ASC's Onyx (owned by WCS)

This breeding will take place in the summer of 2019 and will occur in California since Onyx is owned by one of our extension programs out there known as Westcoast Sentinels (WCS). Onyx was produced here at ASC and is out of Justice x Widow. 

This breeding is very much like the Scratch x Widow breeding listed above, except this breeding will be "double bred Justice" since Justice is the sire to both Scratch and Onyx. For this reason, this breeding will not only just produce high quality working dogs, but will also produce dogs suitable to be used as foundation dogs for other breeding programs. 

This breeding will require either a road trip from Mississippi to California and back, or the shipment of semen and an AI breeding, as I will not be able to ship Scratch to California unless I go with him, and even then I would not load him on an airplane where his crate would be handled by strangers. As a result, transporting him would require ground transport with me personally delivering the dog and traveling together, unless we ship semen. Regardless if semen is shipped or if a road trip is made, the breeding will be documented for our clients. 

Prices on this breeding are a reflection of the breeding consisting of A) multiple generation working dogs, B) double-bred Justice (making this combination refined brood stock worthy of becoming foundation for another program), and C) a reflection of the additional financial investments required for this breeding to occur. 

Since Onyx is not on our website, I will include some of her information here. She is approximately 90-95#, has good hips, and is a very serious protection dog. Here is a link to one of her brief videos. (More video coming soon).

Male pups from Scratch x Onyx

  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $4000 (available)
  • 3rd pick - $3000  (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $2500 (pending availability)

Female pups from Scratch x Onyx

  • 1st pick is reserved
  • 2nd pick - $4000 (maybe reserved)
  • 3rd pick - $3000 (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $2500 (pending availability)