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The American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement should be downloaded, completed, and sent in with your deposit. If you are making a deposit by PayPal or some other type of transfer, please complete this form and submit it by photo or PDF via eMail. Deposits are placed in order of "first placed, first right of refusal;" which means our clients may choose from any position that is listed as available after their deposit arrives.

Current UNSPECIFIED Deposits include:

1. Jerrod & Heidi - $1500s paid  

Working female prospect - $1500

"Osage" is a well bred female out of Justice x Jazz

I named this girl "Osage" after a very hard, tough, yellow-orange colored wood known as osage orange because she displays many of the same characteristics of this resilient wood. Osage orange was favored by the people of the Osage Nation to make their hunting bows, and this girl has very nice prey drive and would make an excellent catch dog. She also displays good nerves, excellent stability, and a natural alert response that springs into action when tested (as seen in the two videos below). Additionally, she displays excellent athleticism, and an affectionate demeanor. In all regards, this well bred girl is an EXCELLENT working class prospect, and her name was selected to describe her characteristics. (More photos available).

Great working potential

Great structure too

Justice x Betty Crocker (Aug of 2018)

The Justice x Betty Crocker breeding is taking place Aug of 2018. Justice is a very high drive dog as is Betty Crocker. This is an uncle-niece breeding, and I am sure this combination will produce very well.  

Male Justicex Betty Crocker pups

  • Available - $2500

Female Justice x Betty Crocker pups

  • 1st - $2500 ( Luke T $500 deposit)
  • 2nd - (Reserved)
  • 3rd - $1500  (available)

ASC's Wrecker x ASC's Jazz

Coming late 2018

Male pups from Wrecker x Jazz

  • 1st - Reserved
  • 2nd - SOLD (Mr.Patrick $1000 & shipping due)
  • 3rd - $2500 (available)
  • 4th - $2000 pending availability

Female pups from Wrecker x Jazz

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500 (available)
  • 3rd - $2000 (available)
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

ASC's Justice x ASC's Widow (~Dec 2018)

Repeat breeding of Justice x Widow

We expect Widow to be in heat around December of 2018, and when she comes in heat we will be breeding her to Justice again. This combination produced high intensity dogs with great nerves, drives, determination, and athleticism. Previous offspring from this combination have been used as protection dogs and others as catch dogs with outstanding abilities.

Male pups from Justice x Widow

  • 1st pick Reserved (me or Ian)
  • 2nd pick - $2500 (Gil M. $500 deposit)
  • 3rd pick - $2000  ($500 deposit J.R.)
  • 4th+ pick - $1500 (pending availability)

Female pups from Justice x Widow

  • 1st pick Reserved
  • 2nd pick - $2500 (available)
  • 3rd pick - $2000 (available)
  • 4th+ pick - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Kovu x ASC's Heavy

Coming in the fall of 2018

Expect very large pups from this Kovu is 145# and Heavy is over 90# herself. 

Male pups from Kovu x Heavy

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500 ($500 deposit by Bryce McQ.)
  • 3rd - $2000 (deposit placed Michelle L.)
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

Female pups from Kovu x Heavy

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500
  • 3rd - $2000
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability