Download the American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement

American Sentinel Canine Registration

ASCR Side - The Performance Pedigree

The American Sentinel Canine Registry (ASCR) provides the owner with a pedigree showing the previous four generations, allowing the owner to take note of the many working dogs that went into producing the lineage behind their dog. Anyone claiming to have American Sentinel Canines registered with any registry other than the ASCR is guilty of  fraudulent practices and will be disbarred from the ASCR. Dogs may be named or renamed by their owners, but the formal name shall be preceded by the abbreviation or name of the breeder.

ASCR Side 2 - Explaining the BST

The ASCR also requires the use of performance selection to maintain the working characteristics of the breed. To preserve the desired traits stated in the ASC Breed Standard, all dogs must pass the Breed Suitability Test (BST) as described on the back of the ASCR documents before their offspring are eligible for registration.  ASCR Pedigree & Certificate of Registration is normally $20; however, dogs purchased from American Sentinel K9, LLC will come with one copy at no charge.

Shipping Estimates

  • Domestic Shipments in mainland USA:  Prices for dogs/pups do NOT  include shipping. We recommend and only schedule shipping with a  shipper that offers insurance, such as Delta Airlines, as shipping  expenses are not covered in our guarantee. If you wish to go with a  ground transporter, that is up to you, but do so at your own risk.  Shipping a puppy domestically with Delta Airlines requires the pup to be  8 weeks of age, freight airfare, a crate, 2 bowls, bedding, and a  general health certificate from our veterinarian (licensed by the state  of Mississippi) as all these items are required by law and/or the Delta  Airlines. Dogs over 3 months require proof of rabies vaccination, a  larger crate, and typically significantly more freight. Additional  requirements and expenses exist for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, or  when shipping internationally. Freight is due before shipment.

The American Sentinel K9, LCC Deposit Policy

A deposit of $500 may be placed to reserve a particular selection from  whichever selections are available at the time the deposit is received (open spots are highlighted in blue).  We wish to have appropriate homes arranged for our dogs in a timely  manner and it is unfair to us and the dog to cancel at the last minute.  For this reason deposits with American Sentinel K9, LLC are  nonrefundable, and we ask that you only place a deposit to reserve a dog  if you are 100% certain about your commitment to follow through with  your purchase. If a breeding is unsuccessful, deposits may be  transferred to a future breeding of the client's choice.

Payments for deposits may be made by PayPal so our clients can secure their desired pick in a timely manner; however, outstanding balances, shipping expenses, and any fees collected for ear cropping need to be paid by either certified check, money order, "Walmart-to-Walmart," 

or cash before the dog or pup will be  delivered, unless such payment is made at least 61 days prior to shipment.

The American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement  explains our commitment, explains our guarantee, and contains important  questions for our clients to answer so we can best understand our  client's desires and needs. Each puppy we produce is evaluated in terms of temperament, drive, confidence, and structure to identify their potential and update the puppy pictures or videos every few weeks, especially between five and  seven weeks of age. Clients are asked to make their final selection by  seven weeks of age, so we plan on shipping the pups at eight weeks of  age as we have found the puppies adjust to their new homes best at that  age. Deviation from this schedule requires that previous arrangements  have been made and agreed upon. An extra week may be required for  puppies that have their ears cropped. Any outstanding balance, including shipping expenses, must be paid in full before the puppies are seven weeks old.

Ear Cropping $250
If your puppy is between 7-10 weeks, we can schedule the ear cropping with our veterinarian and charge $250 for this service. Erect ears improve hearing and are seen in all wild mammals.

TAIL DOCKING (or not) 

There is a lot of incorrect information out there about full length tails vs. docked tails. Review our page about docked tails and cropped ears and you will understand why the tails on our dogs are docked the way they are. If you still want a full length tail after reading this page, we can only accommodate that request if you have first pick on a breeding and are willing to make your pick before the pups are 7 days old, as we dock the tails on the pups on their 7th day. That said, if you read this page, I image you will see there really is no benefit for a full length tail over the mid-length tail when it comes to close quarters combat.

The American Sentinel K9, LCC Guarantee

The American Sentinel K9, LLC replacement guarantee is only offered to our clients that complete the American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement  at the time they make their deposits or purchase, so please send in a  completed copy of that form with your deposit or purchase. While we tend  to be very good at identifying the working potential in our dogs and  are very effective in matching the right dog with each client, we are  dealing with living beings, not man-made "cookie cut" products. Each dog  is an individual and is slightly different. That is how genetics works.  As a result, should any "working class" dog sold by  American Sentinel K9, LLC have a genetic fault that negatively affects  the health, structural soundness, or performance of the animal within  the dog's first two years of life, we agree to provide a replacement pup  upon the return of the original dog if the following terms have been met...

  • A completed and signed copy of the American Sentinel K9, LLC Purchase Agreement was submitted at the time of purchase (or when the deposit was placed).
  • The client must take the dog to a licensed veterinarian within 72  hours of its arrival. All the dogs we ship come with a general health  certificate that was obtained immediately before their shipment. Many  diseases have an incubation period that is less than a week, so we need  this done before the dog comes into contact with diseases in your area.  This requirement protects the dog, protects you as the client, and  protects the breeder by eliminating any confusion by any party as to the  dog's health during the time of delivery. We want every client to know  they obtained a dog that got off to a healthy start.
  • The client must provide the dog with the care and attention needed to maintain good health and proper development.
  • The client accepts any and all expenses for the care of the dog,  such as food, general health care, ear trim, etc, as these expenses are  not covered by our guarantee.
  • The client accepts any and all shipping expenses for returning the  original dog (should that be necessary) and for receiving the  replacement dog, as shipping expenses are not covered in our replacement  guarantee.
  • In order to ensure that only high performance American Sentinels are  bred, any and all warranties with American Sentinel K9, LLC are void if  the original dog has been bred.

 This policy offers ethical protection to all parties involved (including  the dog), and also helps protect the breed's future. American Sentinel  K9, LLC does not refund purchases. All clients that purchase a dog or  pup from American Sentinel K9, LLC agree to accept these and all other  terms and conditions stated in the American Sentinel K9, LLC purchase  agreement.

Choosing the right food

I am often asked about dog foods. Victor Select Nutra Pro or Victor Hi-Pro Plus both have excellent reviews for all stages of life...and have calcium:phosphorus ratio suitable for large breed dogs as well. These are now my personal pick in terms of "best buy" in terms of quality for the price. Both are available in the larger 40# bags as well. Since availability varies in different parts of the country, I will mention that I believe Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy (Lamb, Rice, & Veg) or Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice (All-Stages Life) are also decent choices.

I also recommend reviewing these articles.
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Ryder at 7 months - $2000

Ryder is 7 months old, out of ASC's Wrecker x ASC's Wonder-Girl, and will likely finish  around 70#....only time will tell for  certain. His father is huge, at 130#, and has produced large dogs  before, but his mother is only 42-44#, and it seems Ryder is taking more  of her traits even though his appearance is more like his father.  Drives are good. Nerves are good. Confidence is good. Movement is good. 

Female out of Reptar x Betty Crocker

This female pup is out of Reptar and Betty Crocker, and is therefore double bred Tiggie.  She displays nice drive, and should make a good candidate as a family companion guardian or as a catch dog. She is priced very reasonably at just $1000.

Reptar is a very high drive dog out of Wrecker x Tiggie. Betty Crocker is a superb athlete with excellent stamina, and is out of Stone Cold x Tiggie. As a result, this combination is double bred Tiggie. 

ASC's Lucky 7 x ASC's Preacher-Girl

Pure Performance

UPDATED 5/5/18 - 7 pups born (2 males and 5 females). I expect ASC's Lucky-7  and ASC's Preacher-Girl to  produce dogs slightly smaller than our average breeding with males  around 80# and females around 70# (if kept in lean working condition).  The offspring from these two should be very high drive dogs with outstanding physical attributes, very suitable for just about any type  of demanding work from protection work to hog catch work, and also make  excellent companions, as both are very affectionate. 

Male pups from L7 X PG

  • Brindle male - Reserved
  • Fawn male - $1500

Female pups from L7 x PG

  • Reserved
  • Reserved
  • 3rd - $1500
  • 4th - $1250
  • 5th - $1000

ASC's Vlad x ASC's Valkyrie

Double Bred ASC's Preacher-Man

Vlad is out of Preacher-Man x Wonder-Girl. Valkyrie is out of Preacher-Man x ASC's Blue Jean, and is a full-sibling to Justice, Tiggie, & Preacher-Girl. I expect the offspring produced by this combo to become very determined dogs. Although Valkyrie had 10 pups on 05-10-18, we lost a few, and currently have 7 brindle male pups for sale.

Male pups from Vlad x Valkyrie

  • Reserved - Pat P.
  • 2nd - $1500 (Michelle H. $500 deposit placed)
  • 3rd - Reserved
  • 4th - $1500 (available)
  • 5th - $1350 (available)
  • 6th - $1200 (available)
  • 7th - $1000 (available)

ASC's Justice x ASC's Jazz

This breeding is double bred on ASC's Justice, and will produce dogs with very high intensity suitable for just about any task.  Three blue males, one blue fawn male, one black brindle male, one brindle female, & one fawn female.

The pups were born 5-29-18. UPDATE as of 6-4-18...current head count...we have four blue males, one brindle male, one brindle female, and one fawn female.

Male pups from Justice x Jazz

  • 1st - Reserved
  • 2nd - Ian (paid in full)
  • 3rd - $2500 Michael King ($500 deposit placed)
  • 4th - $2500 (available)
  • 5th - $2000 (available)

Female pups from Justice x Jazz

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500 ( available)

ASC's Justice x ASC's Widow

Repeat breeding of Justice x Widow

This combination produced high intensity dogs with great nerves, drives, determination, and athleticism. Previous offspring from this combination have been used as protection dogs and others as catch dogs. Expect good things from this combo.

Male pups from Justice x Widow

  • 1st - David JS (paid in full except for the last $250)
  • 2nd - $2000 (Luke T. 500 deposit placed)
  • 3rd - $1500 (Link P - $500 deposit placed)
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

Female pups from Justice x Widow

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - Matt Griffin (Paid in full)
  • 3rd - $1500 - Available
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

Reptar x Halo

Reptar is a very high drive dog out of Wrecker x Tiggie. Halo is a superb athlete  out of Little Rascal x Valkyrie. (Halo produced Scratch and Acey when she was bred to Justice.)

Male Reptar x Halo pups

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500 ($1500 deposit placed - Jarrod & Heidi)
  • 3rd - $2000  (available)
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

Female Reptar x Halo pups

  •  Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500 (available)
  • 3rd - $2000  (available)
  • 4th - $1500 (pending availability)

ASC's Kovu x ASC's Heavy

Coming at the end of 2018

Expect very large pups from this Kovu is 145# and Heavy is over 90# herself. 

Male pups from Kovu x Heavy

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500 ($500 deposit by Bryce McQ.)
  • 3rd - $2000
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability

Female pups from Kovu x Heavy

  • Reserved
  • 2nd - $2500
  • 3rd - $2000
  • 4th - $1500 pending availability