Passing it on.


Before working to improve the quality of working dogs, Lee pursued accurate information on the various philosophies, theories, and practices as they pertained to animal behavior, anatomy & physiology, husbandry, genetics, and reproduction. Lee's research and personal interests with working animals led him to study bandogs in the early 1990's while obtaining a Bachelor's Degree (1993) and a Master's Degree (1997) in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois.

While pursuing his education, Lee also gained experience in animal behavior, training, and reproduction by working with professionals in the animal industry, including various canine trainers as well as the Center or Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden's, and became certified in Artificial Insemination

Many canine trainers are well versed in working traditional working dogs such as Sheppards, Malinois, and such, but Lee expanded into dogs more suitable for home protection work, and specialized his training techniques for dogs in this application, and worked extensively with many of the Mastiff type breeds. 

Every dog bred at American Sentinel K9, LLC is performance tested and hip x-ray tested, and we offer one of the best health guarantees in the bandog industry. In addition to the above, Lee has produced and trained hundreds of working bandogs

American Sentinel K9, LLC is able to offer a level of education, experience, and service that other bandog breeders cannot match.